Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recently Got Gold YOU Can To Part 1

How you can climb out of that bronze/silver

Saturday 1st of November will be a very memorable one for me. It is the day in which I finally escaped and moved into a higher tier within the league community. It is nice to know that after two years of playing league of legends I can proudly say that I know at least how to play the game at a competent level. Let me share some simple and easy tips anybody can utilize to get out of the pack and onto that lp train with only a few days left till the end of the season!

High Win Rate Champions

I can not lie and honestly, I am a dirty high win-rate champion picker. Whenever I am not playing my beloved Amumu in ranked and get a role which is a bit shady to me, I frantically hop on lolking browsing through the highest win-rate champions. In my last promotion game, with everything hanging in the balance jungle was taken away from me and I was forced into support. Long behold lolking high win-rate champions, I hover over Janna and in the next moment guess what? I am playing for the second time. The risk paid off however and I was able to have a contribution to kill of 89% riding me all the way to gold 5.

Champions like Rammus, Amumu, Fiora and Warwick have high win rates for a reason, they are mainly fairly easy to play and have at least some kind of gimmick which is unfair. Let us break this down

Rammus: Very fast Armadillo who forces enemy laners to ward deep and constantly berate his brokenness. Just having him on your team is a mini victory since the opposition will fear his presence since he can get to point A to point B in just a matter of seconds.

Amumu: Amumu is just all around a really good solo-q champion. He may not have the speed of Rammus however he brings Area of Effect (AOE) Crowd Control (CC) and fits in almost any composition because of how versatile his ultimate is. The Sad Mummy has a really sad ultimate because he immobilizes any enemy that stands in the circle radius for two seconds. Another plus is that Amumu fits into almost any team comp since he just brings so much team utility!

Fiora: Honestly, this champion is more broken than Riven's sword. She is hands down a noob pubstomper who is easy to pick-up-play, start reking. Not really hard to Q-Q E W which results in no counter play at all and even if you do chunk her, her passive will kick in and she will start regening. What makes this champion eve more unbelievable is the ultimate, you will literally take 400 points of damage and she will regain at least 100. Riot please, is this even fair?

Finding That Duo Partner

Duoing in ranked is mainly frowned upon in the league community, but it has helped me ten folds. Playing solo-q just for the primary purpose of climbing is boring and vague to me, there just isn't much fun in just being "higher in the ladder". Whenever I duo I can experience the feelings of ranked with a friend and share that strong communication which has already been established. Normally, since I am a jungle preferential player, a strong mid laner is very helpful for the synergy.

The Stigma

There is definitely stigma whenever duo queue is brought up however, many pros do it at least once on stream and it is overall just a really fun and effective way of climbing if both players are competent enough.

Thank you for reading, that was part 1 of climbing the ladder, more in stall. Exams are over and now I have more free time to deliver blogs! Thanks again and keep checking for the next "Climbing the ladder".