Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recently Got Gold YOU Can To Part 1

How you can climb out of that bronze/silver

Saturday 1st of November will be a very memorable one for me. It is the day in which I finally escaped and moved into a higher tier within the league community. It is nice to know that after two years of playing league of legends I can proudly say that I know at least how to play the game at a competent level. Let me share some simple and easy tips anybody can utilize to get out of the pack and onto that lp train with only a few days left till the end of the season!

High Win Rate Champions

I can not lie and honestly, I am a dirty high win-rate champion picker. Whenever I am not playing my beloved Amumu in ranked and get a role which is a bit shady to me, I frantically hop on lolking browsing through the highest win-rate champions. In my last promotion game, with everything hanging in the balance jungle was taken away from me and I was forced into support. Long behold lolking high win-rate champions, I hover over Janna and in the next moment guess what? I am playing for the second time. The risk paid off however and I was able to have a contribution to kill of 89% riding me all the way to gold 5.

Champions like Rammus, Amumu, Fiora and Warwick have high win rates for a reason, they are mainly fairly easy to play and have at least some kind of gimmick which is unfair. Let us break this down

Rammus: Very fast Armadillo who forces enemy laners to ward deep and constantly berate his brokenness. Just having him on your team is a mini victory since the opposition will fear his presence since he can get to point A to point B in just a matter of seconds.

Amumu: Amumu is just all around a really good solo-q champion. He may not have the speed of Rammus however he brings Area of Effect (AOE) Crowd Control (CC) and fits in almost any composition because of how versatile his ultimate is. The Sad Mummy has a really sad ultimate because he immobilizes any enemy that stands in the circle radius for two seconds. Another plus is that Amumu fits into almost any team comp since he just brings so much team utility!

Fiora: Honestly, this champion is more broken than Riven's sword. She is hands down a noob pubstomper who is easy to pick-up-play, start reking. Not really hard to Q-Q E W which results in no counter play at all and even if you do chunk her, her passive will kick in and she will start regening. What makes this champion eve more unbelievable is the ultimate, you will literally take 400 points of damage and she will regain at least 100. Riot please, is this even fair?

Finding That Duo Partner

Duoing in ranked is mainly frowned upon in the league community, but it has helped me ten folds. Playing solo-q just for the primary purpose of climbing is boring and vague to me, there just isn't much fun in just being "higher in the ladder". Whenever I duo I can experience the feelings of ranked with a friend and share that strong communication which has already been established. Normally, since I am a jungle preferential player, a strong mid laner is very helpful for the synergy.

The Stigma

There is definitely stigma whenever duo queue is brought up however, many pros do it at least once on stream and it is overall just a really fun and effective way of climbing if both players are competent enough.

Thank you for reading, that was part 1 of climbing the ladder, more in stall. Exams are over and now I have more free time to deliver blogs! Thanks again and keep checking for the next "Climbing the ladder".

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Patch Pi And The Poor Supports

Disappointed Riot

I think Riot secretly wanted to nerf supports. When I was reading patch pi my face was disgusted after I had read the support changes. Riot's conception is that supports can gain more gold with item buffs to build ability power items, however then they had to wreck all the main "support champions" ratios. And now we have Sona's whom are now just walking crescendos and Janna's who are just an area of effect boots.

Now Enter Targon

However what buried supports even more is the item they call targon. This item is so broken since it is allowed to stack. All of reddit has noted this and hopefully they set it back a bit. Targon sure is great for adc and support lanes but it's true potential shines when it goes double bruisers. The gold income from this item is absurd and allows gold for people who did not even last hit the minion. And I am going to cry when Pantheon and Xin Zhao show up bottom lane.

Jungling Exp

I jungled twice yesterday and I'm not sure if this is my teammates stealing exp but when I cleared both the buffs I didn't hit lvl 3. This sucks so badly that I needed to heal before I could attempt the lost wraith who made his camp next to blue. However the worst change to junglers is the damage that smite provides. At low levels it does barely anything that I thought it did 0 damage.

Good Things Though

Trinkets are a good innovation to the game but I forget to use it sometimes. The colored health bar is a good idea however yellow is not the most appealing color. Those are the only 2 things I enjoyed from this patch.

All In All

I think that riot tried to hard to make junglers and supports catch up that they nerfed them. This is only preseason but the signs that riot have shown is not good hopefully a lot of things get fixed before the season starts.


Alright that's the article guys thanks for reading and if you enjoyed please read my other posts. I haven't been posting on this blog lately since I have been busy testing out everything  but when I'm on holidays it should start flowing. Alright guys take care and remember to use trinkets :).

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bye Season 3

The End Of Season 3

I would like everyone to take a brief few moments of silence to remember all the bronze players who did not get amazing rewards. Now moving on it's now season 4.


Lately, I have been reading reddit a lot, and like always a new batch of changes are incoming . I remember the changes to season 3, at first everyone hated it but I got accustomed to it. The smart innovation of letting me know how many times I had upgraded a skill is very useful and hopefully they keep it in season 4. However what Riot did fail in was that they tried to buff junglers and supports gold income, but it just did not have that effect. The only way for a support to have equal gold income to the laners is to not become a support. That is why they are even in the game to SUPPORT  their laner. As for junglers I am not too sure on how to fix them.

Preseason Ranked?

I really like this idea. Riot are allowing players to play ranked in preseason which can sway where you are going to be placed in season 4. They are fixing up the league system which is great. Personally I do not really care between elo and the league system. They both have their flaws but I wish they could incorporate both the systems together.

Lowering Ip Priced Champs

While scrolling through my owned champions, I was a bit saddened that I only owned around a quarter of them all. I have been playing this game for more than a year and the fact that I only own 30 of the 116 of the released champions makes me feel small. I hope Riot overhaul their pricing system and make a few 6300-4800 ip champions cheaper. Yeah, Yeah I know Riot needs to make money and all but reducing a few champion prices wouldn't hurt. This company has created a game that constantly gathers the most viewers on twitch, and don't get me started on when Riot start streaming Lcs or Worlds.

Thats it, thats the article. Thanks for reading and sorry for not posting here for quite a while. I have been working on my lifestyle blog quite a bit. Anyways good luck in preseason summoners and till next time ;).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Supports The Quiet Achievers

Support The Quiet Achiever

The most underrated position in the game by far.Whenever a play is made bot lane everyone praises the Adc however most of the time it is the support making the plays. Now I know that many of you league players have heard this all before but the message to adcs is not getting across, rarely do I see adcs complimenting their supports. But why should you compliment? To let the support know that you appreciate what he/she is doing. Even if you lose lane do not go negative on the support.

Adcs Please Give Praise To Your Support, They Deserve It

Mid Laner " Well played Vayne"

Vayne " Ty all me"

Sona *facepalm*

Adcs are so obnoxious it is the supports crowd control that disrupts the enemy and allows you to kill and farm safely. It is the supports shield, heal, poke and tankiness that allows a strong lane to withstand jungler and mid ganks. And whenever a good play is made always praise the support. 

Adcs Are Nothing Without Supports CC,Heal,Tankiness

Thats the article thanks for reading. Sorry for the short article but sometimes I don't wanna knock you guys out with a huge wall of text. If you liked it please follow my page or bookmark and have a nice day, till next time.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid Lane Domination

The Importance Of Mid Lane

Mid lane in my opinion is one of the hardest and most entertaining positions to play. Good mid laners can carry almost any game even when the chips are down. Mid is personally one of my favorite positions to play and in this article I explain the importance of it.


Mid lane is hard because in the game you want your presence to be felt. Once I hit 6 I constantly think of ways for my presence to be felt. Weather it is a gank at bot or an invade, you want to stamp your mark on to the game. Things like these require timing and patience.

Overdoing It

One of the biggest mistakes I constantly make while in mid lane is the over caring of bot lane. They give away a double kill and straight away I run down and never leave while leaving my jungler to take my creeps. This sets me really behind especially if I don't get a kill while there. I am just really paranoid with bot lanes, I guess since I have had many that have ruined the game for me. So now I have a new tactic. I only roam whenever the enemy bot lane is low or pushed or whenever my lane is pushed.

Taking Tower

Many people underestimate this but taking the mid tower first is a nice advantage. Now you have more space to operate in while having a chance to take enemy buffs. And once the tower is gone you now have the chance to push and roam while knowing in that the enemy laner will take a decent amount of time to push back.

Controlling The Tempo

Do you want the laning phase to end? Go bot or top, get a kill, clear minions and take tower. Whenever a tower goes down that means that most likely the laning phase is over for that lane. It is little things like these that will change the tide of the game for either team.

That is the article. I will definitely push for a part 2 of this. Hopefully you got an insight of how I like to play while in mid lane. If you enjoyed, feel free to read my other posts on this blog and my other one Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nerf On Assassins

Assassins And The Nerfs

This is a very quick explanation of why assassins are always nerfed. Hopefully there will be a part 2 on this but this is one of the main reasons in my opinion why assassins always get shot down.

1. Riot has this ideology that the way to curve assassins is to make them super weak early. However weakness early game will always be ineffective if that champion has a strong kit with overpowered mid game stats. Of course they are going to snowball, if they just trade in an average early game for an overpowered mid game which in turn of course makes that assassin broken late game.

So to sum up in these brief dot points is why assassins are broken.
  •  Average early game- Snowballing Mid Game
  • Kit is too versatile almost all assassins kit has some sort of strong unique gameplay to them
  • No scaling no problem base damage is high to cover that cost.
All in all I hope this article has shed a bit of light on the assassins. It disappoints me when a champion is constantly changed *cough cough Katarina*. At least one high burst character is always nerfed in every patch. However I am still trying to figure out my self how to balance Assassins so this is one very hard job for the Riot balancing team.

Anyways that is the article please share and bookmark if you liked it and feel free to check out my other blog cheers and have a good day :).

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Position As ADC

How To Position As Adc

The helpless agony I feel when the Adc dies first in a team fight. The "what ifs" I play over in my head. It was either the Adc positioning poorly or you not peeling however as an Adc with a very reliable escape move such as Ezrael (the one in the photo above) you should never be the first one wiped out in your team. This in my view is how I position in team fights as an Adc. 

With Vision

In high pressure situations the way to go is always stay in the back line with your support. Now if you do not have a strong peeling support or have no escape move e.g ( Ashe, Soraka, Sivir)  then you must play very carefully and even if you do careful is the way to go. Just HIT THE CLOSEST TARGET and once there are only a few members left on the enemy team say 1 or 2 right there is the chance to play a bit more freely.

But People Are Diving Me

The first teamfight should be like a measuring stick. Observe the first fight and see how aggressive your divers are. Now take a look at the items that you own. Do you think that you are able to handle the enemy divers. If yes then attack the enemy team while keeping a safe distance as most people that will try take you down are melee, which leaves them vulnerable to kiting. If no then I play very cautious sometimes not even being in damage range as your life is too precious too lose.

Last Option Guardian Angel

If nothing else works and you continually die. Then your only option is some sort of defensive item such as Guardian Angel, Randuins and sometimes Zhonyas. It would be amazing and so broken if Zhonyas was an ad minded item.

Alright that is the article. I think I only covered half of how the adc positions and it was probably stuff you have probably heard before. Adc is a position that can make or break a game and is most of the time instrumental to a teams victory. If played correctly it will devestate the enemy. Anyways there will probably be a part 2 and thanks for reading.