Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Position As ADC

How To Position As Adc

The helpless agony I feel when the Adc dies first in a team fight. The "what ifs" I play over in my head. It was either the Adc positioning poorly or you not peeling however as an Adc with a very reliable escape move such as Ezrael (the one in the photo above) you should never be the first one wiped out in your team. This in my view is how I position in team fights as an Adc. 

With Vision

In high pressure situations the way to go is always stay in the back line with your support. Now if you do not have a strong peeling support or have no escape move e.g ( Ashe, Soraka, Sivir)  then you must play very carefully and even if you do careful is the way to go. Just HIT THE CLOSEST TARGET and once there are only a few members left on the enemy team say 1 or 2 right there is the chance to play a bit more freely.

But People Are Diving Me

The first teamfight should be like a measuring stick. Observe the first fight and see how aggressive your divers are. Now take a look at the items that you own. Do you think that you are able to handle the enemy divers. If yes then attack the enemy team while keeping a safe distance as most people that will try take you down are melee, which leaves them vulnerable to kiting. If no then I play very cautious sometimes not even being in damage range as your life is too precious too lose.

Last Option Guardian Angel

If nothing else works and you continually die. Then your only option is some sort of defensive item such as Guardian Angel, Randuins and sometimes Zhonyas. It would be amazing and so broken if Zhonyas was an ad minded item.

Alright that is the article. I think I only covered half of how the adc positions and it was probably stuff you have probably heard before. Adc is a position that can make or break a game and is most of the time instrumental to a teams victory. If played correctly it will devestate the enemy. Anyways there will probably be a part 2 and thanks for reading.

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