Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid Lane Domination

The Importance Of Mid Lane

Mid lane in my opinion is one of the hardest and most entertaining positions to play. Good mid laners can carry almost any game even when the chips are down. Mid is personally one of my favorite positions to play and in this article I explain the importance of it.


Mid lane is hard because in the game you want your presence to be felt. Once I hit 6 I constantly think of ways for my presence to be felt. Weather it is a gank at bot or an invade, you want to stamp your mark on to the game. Things like these require timing and patience.

Overdoing It

One of the biggest mistakes I constantly make while in mid lane is the over caring of bot lane. They give away a double kill and straight away I run down and never leave while leaving my jungler to take my creeps. This sets me really behind especially if I don't get a kill while there. I am just really paranoid with bot lanes, I guess since I have had many that have ruined the game for me. So now I have a new tactic. I only roam whenever the enemy bot lane is low or pushed or whenever my lane is pushed.

Taking Tower

Many people underestimate this but taking the mid tower first is a nice advantage. Now you have more space to operate in while having a chance to take enemy buffs. And once the tower is gone you now have the chance to push and roam while knowing in that the enemy laner will take a decent amount of time to push back.

Controlling The Tempo

Do you want the laning phase to end? Go bot or top, get a kill, clear minions and take tower. Whenever a tower goes down that means that most likely the laning phase is over for that lane. It is little things like these that will change the tide of the game for either team.

That is the article. I will definitely push for a part 2 of this. Hopefully you got an insight of how I like to play while in mid lane. If you enjoyed, feel free to read my other posts on this blog and my other one Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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