Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Excuse Of YOLO!

Yolo! Worst Excuse Ever
If I got a dollar every time someone said yolo whenever I would be playing a game, I would have enough money to buy a plane ticket to America.Oh yeah and my thumbnail is incorrect the last "O" should be Once.


The idea of yolo in general is stupid. The only reason why people say it is because they need an excuse to cover up something stupid that they did. For example Me:"Why did you run into the enemy team for" Person: Yolo Right. Me: -.- really?

Hate To Be A Hater But......

I just find it really annoying the fact that every bad mistake people make and straight away the excuse is #Yolo. The conversation is ended if people just say "my bad" but no they have to say Yolo.

Blind Saying

Remember when Yolo wasn't so well known, then it started gaining popularity. I find it really funny how people just randomly said it not knowing the meaning of it. They would say funny things like this

"Just finished running" #Yolo (Puff Huff)
"Passed my all my tests this semester" #Yolo
"Taking a glass of water Brb (be right back) #YoloBrb
"Sleeping" #Yolozzzzzz

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