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League Of Legends The Rollercoaster

League Of Legends Why I Think It's A Phenomenon And Why I Quit The Game

League Of Legends....... those 3 words make me quiver and shake while also leaving me with a bundle of memories I will never forget. This game has provided me with joy and lust for victory however I fell short many times. This is the story of the start of my League journey and the bitter ending.

How I Got Into League

I was at my cousins house one day and I saw him playing an interesting game. He watched me stare alongside him fascinated with the moba (multiplayer online battle arena) and when I got home I downloaded it straight away unprepared that I would spend at least eight months playing it.

The Ability Of League

To say League Of Legends is a game is partially correct. Why? Because the other half is like a virtual simulator. Newbies get hit with the stunning visuals and it offers such a hands-on experience. This game has the perfect mix of simplicity and complication. It's easy you have four abilities and you move but the game has so much more than that! Unlike it's predecessors (before games) Hon and Dota league had captivated everyone around me (well where I live). At school everyone talk about Call Of Duty and GTA but League got its fair share as well, considering that it was a Pc game is pretty impressive.

More Than Just A Game

Whenever you finished a game of league there was more and I mean a lot more. This pc game has this ability that when you finish you just want more. And it didn't disappoint! Multiple youtube channels featuring gameplay and on top of it all....... Reddit. One of the best communities on the internet I've ever seen. Yeah sure there is some negativity but most of it is positive and it's amazing how so many people can share views all over the internet with such a humorous and feel good vibe. Sure there are many other reddit sites but the league of legends one is a class above them all. This ability for league to captivate my imagination while offering merchandise, a great community and multiple youtube channels was incredible to say the least I can see why so many people are attracted too it.

My Problems With The Game In General

One of the main problems I had was...... time. On average a normal 5v5 league game would usually set me back 40 minutes and I just didn't have that. I was always on the move and going to my friend's house plus my parents didn't appreciate that I was spending my free time on a game and would tell me to shut it after only 1 hour. But one of the most crippling things was...... doing absolutely insane and destroying your lane opponent only for your team to stuff up and ruin it ALL. I definitely have had my fair share of blunders but the pain I felt every time I lost because of that 1 bad player or that 1 person that disconnects caused me to have so much agony I felt as if every time I moved 1 step forward I got knocked 3 steps back.


It felt as if every time I was on a winning streak I would have a losing streak straight after. However the biggest problem was every time I won time it was if I could  fly for a minute but every time I lost it felt like an hour of misery. I'm a very competitive person and I don't take losing very well but in spite of that I always lost. Maybe it was me it probably was but I couldnt find any way to enhance my skills as I was always good enough to hold my own, for example have a decent score 8 kills 7 deaths but not many times I could find the carrying mentality to put all my teammates on my back and take them all along the journey of victory.


I know one thing, this system they called ranked has caused heartache to at least everyone at level 30. Almost every day there was at least 1 person on reddit that talked about ranked or solo-q and most of the time it was a complaint. I am no different I think ranked was one of the driving factors in my quitting as league and here's why. I was playing my placement matches and I think you need about 6 wins to get to silver. I definitely wanted to get there was....... bronze is so called league hell. As I got into matches I went L/L/W/L/W and most of the time it was my teammates not playing bad just that I always got the person that disconnected. It felt as if league of legends had something against me and wanted me to fall flat on my face. Sure they don't know who will disconnect but I'm telling you if there was someone that disconnected in the game that person was definitely on my team in ranked.

Note(I do not own the picture)

I'm going to release part 2 later on in the day. Thank you for reading and supporting me in my very early stages of my blogging journey. This story is undeniably a story I really want to share as it is very close to my heart and I hop you enjoyed reading. This one took a really long time to type but hey I really enjoy blogging. Please share and follow me on google + and hopefully I'll see you all for the next article. Enjoy your day :)

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