Thursday, October 24, 2013

Supports The Quiet Achievers

Support The Quiet Achiever

The most underrated position in the game by far.Whenever a play is made bot lane everyone praises the Adc however most of the time it is the support making the plays. Now I know that many of you league players have heard this all before but the message to adcs is not getting across, rarely do I see adcs complimenting their supports. But why should you compliment? To let the support know that you appreciate what he/she is doing. Even if you lose lane do not go negative on the support.

Adcs Please Give Praise To Your Support, They Deserve It

Mid Laner " Well played Vayne"

Vayne " Ty all me"

Sona *facepalm*

Adcs are so obnoxious it is the supports crowd control that disrupts the enemy and allows you to kill and farm safely. It is the supports shield, heal, poke and tankiness that allows a strong lane to withstand jungler and mid ganks. And whenever a good play is made always praise the support. 

Adcs Are Nothing Without Supports CC,Heal,Tankiness

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