Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gta 5 WTF! It's Everywhere

GTA 5 WTF It's Everywhere

Now I know, Gta is my title but I have a picture of Mario. It may be confusing but bear with me as I explain why.

Grand Theft Auto 5, this game....... Is just hype all by itself. It has the sell-itself tag all over it. Its like colgate toothpaste, you're looking around the shelves and even though there are cheaper toothpastes than colgate, you still buy that trusted brand. Now im not saying that Gta 5 is a bad game since I haven't played it yet it's just that.......

The Fever
Gta fever it spreads like wildfire. Whenever me and a couple of mates are talking about sports 3 minutes later some person changes the subject to Gta 5 and then I just walk away to another conversation that will also be infected by Gta fever. And this has been going on for a couple of weeks that it's just amazing how 1 game yes 1 video game can wield so much attention. Yeah sure there's also Cod and Fifa but never have I heard so much about a game before it was even released until now.

I still remember the day after the release of Gta 5. No one even tried to change the subject it was madness. I even remember a kid bringing Gta 5 to school. He walked around like he owned the place and it's funny because no one tried to steal it. 

What About Mario
But where does this leave Mario. Good'ol mario I remember the golden days when people would think eating mushrooms and flowers while jumping on dragons was normal. Too bad for nintendo they're really struggling. A few years ago the Wii was golden now everyones upgraded to their Ps8s and Xbox 10s and the Wii is useless. Then Nintendo tried to help it's problem with the Wii U but that didn't turn out so well.

One of the conversations with my friends

"So ummmmm... did you see the manchester derby Man city too good" "Ummmm yeahh...... that was a good performance" then a stranger comes in " OMG OMFG I GOT GTA 5 BEST DAY OF MY LIFE"
And then everyone crowds that person like they would with a sportsperson.

Anyways thanks for reading and check out my other blog if you liked it :)

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