Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nerf On Assassins

Assassins And The Nerfs

This is a very quick explanation of why assassins are always nerfed. Hopefully there will be a part 2 on this but this is one of the main reasons in my opinion why assassins always get shot down.

1. Riot has this ideology that the way to curve assassins is to make them super weak early. However weakness early game will always be ineffective if that champion has a strong kit with overpowered mid game stats. Of course they are going to snowball, if they just trade in an average early game for an overpowered mid game which in turn of course makes that assassin broken late game.

So to sum up in these brief dot points is why assassins are broken.
  •  Average early game- Snowballing Mid Game
  • Kit is too versatile almost all assassins kit has some sort of strong unique gameplay to them
  • No scaling no problem base damage is high to cover that cost.
All in all I hope this article has shed a bit of light on the assassins. It disappoints me when a champion is constantly changed *cough cough Katarina*. At least one high burst character is always nerfed in every patch. However I am still trying to figure out my self how to balance Assassins so this is one very hard job for the Riot balancing team.

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