Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lol:Being A Class Above

League Of Insight: Class Above Everyone Else

Have you ever gotten that one player who is a class above everyone else. The person who after carrying the team their match history is littered with amazing performances. This is what I like to call being a class above everyone else. Now I certainly do not posses this ability but I know multiple friends that do. Every time I party up with them they are always the same, dominating their opposition with any champion they play.

Aura Every time I play with these type of friends it is as if they have an aura about them . I remember multiple games when I was playing with these players and we were getting hammered. But these special players stood up when the whole team was down and always gave that glimmer of hope. When ever you saw one person stand up it provided you belief that victory was actually possible.

Always Standing After a stirring comeback victory or a narrow lose sometimes I like to check the match history of the carriers. And when you see a consistent K/D throughout every game that is impressive. I ask my friends a lot, when a game is lost do I just troll and they do not reply in lane, they just focus on farming cs trying to catch up and when they base they reply " I can carry guys do not worry". It is that reply that makes the whole team just lift.

Words With Actions I have been trying to work on this myself. Most of pals that I play with unless they are on skype they do not speak in team chat during the laning phase unless they are asked a direct question. They say this helps them keep focus while avoiding any flaming. Yes sure team communication is vital however actions are louder than words.

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