Wednesday, October 9, 2013

League Of Legends My Top 5 Favorite Champions

My Top 5 Favorite Champions ATM

Btw: The stories i'm telling are mostly normal games as I seem to play when I can just play freely and have no pressure *ranked :(*
5. Amumu: This is the first champion I ever played and luckily I picked the right one. Amumus ability to tank through damage while dealing even more is amazing. This champion is very special as it has always come up at the top of the win rate charts after being nerfed, time after time after time.

4. Miss Fortune: Miss Fortune is very special to me. It was very early into my league career and I was looking for an adc to main. Luckily Miss Fortune popped up on free week and ever since then I have never looked back. Ever since the 1st time I started playing her she just has this simplicity about her while dealing heaps of damage. I am a bit worried about ranked but whenever I play mf they all go away.

3. Lee Sin: I think this champ is in everyone's list. He's incredible. Even though his moves seem simple together while comboed well it is really deadly. His early game power is probably one of the best in the league but his late game leaves a little to be desired. But ins't there a saying, Great early game means even greater leate game. I have a lot of good memories tearing up the battlefield with Lee while also making dazzling escapes with his W.

2. Akali This champion entered my attention when I was on a bit of a losing streak. Struggling to find that one champion luckily just like Mf Akali popped up. And I still remember my debut day with Akaki, 3 wins back to back it was amazing. The momentum I felt while playing this champion has carried me to quite a few memorable wins.

1. Katarina Just who doesn't like this champion, Oh wait! The adcs that im incinerating. The exhilaration I feel whenever I play Kat, it's as if your playing need for speed. You just wanna atk and atk and whenever you are cornered you just E out. My backstory with kat, well I was looking for an assassin since I love that high mobility (I'm pretty active irl) while dealing sustained damage. And the jukes and plays you can make while playing kat is really satisfying. Katarina was one of the first few champions I owned and I've never looked back ever since.

Thank you everyone for reading. I will be returning to League Of Legends on the Oceanic Server on Friday. Till then Have Fun Summoners :).

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