Saturday, November 23, 2013

Patch Pi And The Poor Supports

Disappointed Riot

I think Riot secretly wanted to nerf supports. When I was reading patch pi my face was disgusted after I had read the support changes. Riot's conception is that supports can gain more gold with item buffs to build ability power items, however then they had to wreck all the main "support champions" ratios. And now we have Sona's whom are now just walking crescendos and Janna's who are just an area of effect boots.

Now Enter Targon

However what buried supports even more is the item they call targon. This item is so broken since it is allowed to stack. All of reddit has noted this and hopefully they set it back a bit. Targon sure is great for adc and support lanes but it's true potential shines when it goes double bruisers. The gold income from this item is absurd and allows gold for people who did not even last hit the minion. And I am going to cry when Pantheon and Xin Zhao show up bottom lane.

Jungling Exp

I jungled twice yesterday and I'm not sure if this is my teammates stealing exp but when I cleared both the buffs I didn't hit lvl 3. This sucks so badly that I needed to heal before I could attempt the lost wraith who made his camp next to blue. However the worst change to junglers is the damage that smite provides. At low levels it does barely anything that I thought it did 0 damage.

Good Things Though

Trinkets are a good innovation to the game but I forget to use it sometimes. The colored health bar is a good idea however yellow is not the most appealing color. Those are the only 2 things I enjoyed from this patch.

All In All

I think that riot tried to hard to make junglers and supports catch up that they nerfed them. This is only preseason but the signs that riot have shown is not good hopefully a lot of things get fixed before the season starts.


Alright that's the article guys thanks for reading and if you enjoyed please read my other posts. I haven't been posting on this blog lately since I have been busy testing out everything  but when I'm on holidays it should start flowing. Alright guys take care and remember to use trinkets :).

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